The Carmelite Italian school

Knowing that all students can achieve, Carmelite High School and its support teachers will teach, inspire, motivate, and empower our students to become integral members and leaders of society through rigorous and relevant coursework, cultural awareness, respect and appreciation in preparation for postsecondary education or career.

The mission of Carmelite High School is to create a community of life-long learners who can think critically, communicate effectively, and work both independently and collaboratively as contributing members of a global society.

Our Beliefs

  1. Every student has a right to achieve in a supportive atmosphere; therefore students should be actively engaged in opportunities for success and a safe and physically comfortable learning environment.
  2. Education is a critical part of the development of any society; therefore through the development of critical thinking and communication skills, students will learn & make appropriate decisions, given a supportive and challenging learning environment.
  3. Education opens the door of opportunity & become productive members of society; therefore students need to be actively involved in solving problems and producing student work which reflects high achievement.
  4. Believing that all students can learn, students need to feel empowered when making educational decisions.  They need to feel part of the process by assuring the quality of their work; therefore promoting thoughtful reflections.
  5. We believe in taking into consideration each child’s special needs and cultural background; therefore the nature of each individual, along with their cultural beliefs, must be recognized as unique intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.
  6. Education should be individualized and is an endless learning process; therefore instruction should address learning styles and approaches that encourage continuous learning.
  7. The argument between the beliefs that challenging expectations processes higher quality student extremes is a necessary element in increased student performance.


Our Goals

·        to provide a program that serves the spiritual, cultural, physical, and academic needs of a diverse student population;

·        to challenge our students to achieve academic success and excellence;

·        to instill a sense of pride and tradition in our school and community;

·        to instill in our students a desire to learn so that learning becomes a life-long commitment;

·        to help identify and develop student leaders throughout the academic and extra-curricular programs;

·        to create a dynamic school atmosphere, fostered by an environment of mutual respect and personal attention;

·        to develop in our students a social conscience and a commitment to community service;

·        to provide opportunities to develop self-confidence in our young people and promote critical thinking; and

·        to incorporate innovative and progressive concepts into our program and always be open to new ideas.


 The Carmelite convent was established by a group of Carmelite Italian nuns who came to Haifa in 1907.  After long, hard and courageous work, the dream came true and through this convent the Italian Carmelite School was established and is directed by the Carmelite nuns of Saint Teresa of Florence

The school today consists of 850 pupils who learn from the 1st to the 12th grade in different trends and streams and in different levels for each subject matter.

The school has great involvement in the community and society; it was nationally awarded from different bodies and associations for its informal education, appreciated generally as an institute and specifically for its pupils.  The school is built on tolerance and patience, with no gender, race or religious discrimination.  It is a melting pot that consists of different nationalities and religions.



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